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The status quo just doesn't cut it.

The industry standard ADHD test relies exclusively on voluntary cooperation and complex actions involving hundreds of neural pathways that dramatically reduce accuracy. The test takes approximately 25 minutes, a difficult task for a child who has trouble focusing.

By contrast, we test attention in just six minutes by using an EMG system to measure reflexive responses to auditory stimuli and to levels of inhibition. The more exaggerated the response, or the lower the level of inhibition, the more serious the problem.

Why is accurate testing so important?
Diagnosing and treating ADHD is an inexact science. It can take weeks or months of trial and error to arrive at a precise diagnosis that results in an accurate drug prescription.
During that wait, adverse effects of taking too much stimulant medication (like Ritalin) include the "zombie effect," rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, tremors, and agitation. Worst-case scenarios include schizophrenic-like psychosis, heart attack, stroke, seizures, and death.

A precise diagnosis with an accurate and personalized drug prescription would prevent this problem.

MindTension Eliminates the Risk

With MindTension’s accurate in-office diagnostics, therapists will instantly- over the course of a single session - measure the impact of ADHD medication for immediate adjustment to identify the smallest dose that produces the desired outcome.

Impulsive Dysregulation - a Common Aspect of ADHD

The inability to keep emotional reactions within an acceptable range often (but not always) presents as part of ADHD and leads to a lifetime of suffering. Most of the time, Impulsive Dysregulation requires different treatment and medication in addition to the standard ADHD medication. MindTension is the only solution that is able to diagnose and quantify Impulsive Dysregulation. This makes the solution a complete game-changer for the diagnostician and physician.
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